Stats Everywhere!

If there’s one thing I learned over the years of “RPG Maker-ing” it’s that with less stats, the harder it is to balance a game. Likewise, with too many stats, it’s also harder to balance a game. However, with more stats, it’s “less hard” due to the amount of minuscule adjustments you can make to characters, enemies, and items without blowing everything out of proportion. And while a lot of stats at once may look intimidating to a player, it is only so at first glance. And to RPG veterans, it may actually become more comforting to see more numbers on the screen than less. This means the player can know more about their character and how each individual element of that character performs.

The Battle Stats script provides four new stats (RES, DEX, FOC, and LUK) and each stat now provides additional bonuses such as Armour Penetration and Critical Rate boosting. The reason I made them secondary bonuses rather than individual independent stats is because there exists a correlation between the stats and by focusing on one, the other correlating stat will in turn improve allowing for a win-win situation by killing two birds with one stone. The script also provides more extensive control over stat growth per level by turning it into a formula, how the secondary bonuses turn out, and the ability to adjust the maximum limit of a stat. The function to have equipment raise stats like MaxHP and MaxMP are also implemented as is the ability to go past the default RMVX limit of over +500 and under -500.

This also puts up the discussion of what I personally feel about large numbers. I, personally, love large numbers. They’re easy to balance believe it or not. When using small numbers, a very small bonus of +5 to damage may suddenly become a game changer whereas with larger numbers, the increments may be more controlled. Also, most people enjoy the “number porn” and there is a feeling of accomplishment when they see numbers go up higher. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but in the end, it still depends on the game, what the game is going for, and the amount of time dedicated to balancing the game.


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