Disgaea 4? More like Distraction 4!

Disgaea games are the bane of my concentration. For those who have known me personally, I’ve got excellent concentration and focus on anything with little being able to distract me. Yet, however, Disgaea is the one game that’s always been able to be that exception, ever since the first. There’s just something about Disgaea that makes me down countless hours on the game…

Here is the Status Menu for Yanfly Engine 6. I’m not sure how others feel about the comparison chart provided in this script, but I find these charts are more helpful in visualizing how a character stands in regards to being balanced or not. I often used bar graphs in Excel when trying to balance out a character or group of characters in hopes of evening them out. Hopefully, this in-game comparison tool is useful for both developers and players alike.

On another note, the League of Legends Reverse Annie skin is hilarious:

“Have you seen my bear Annie?”


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