Debugging games are just as important as finishing them.

Very rarely do I see RM games get debugged. This is probably because the majority of people don’t care about debugging. They just want to get a finished product out and done. That said, I tend to debug nearly everything I make and test to death every feature I put out. There’s no point in putting out a game that doesn’t work. Sadly, the default debugging tools that come with VX are extremely limited to virtually non-existent. That’s the reason why this script was created in Melody and now imported to Yanfly Engine 6.

The main difference between the Y6 version with the YEM is that the YEM version required the Keyboard Input Module in order for one of the debug features to work. For the Y6 version, that module is built in and that feature is available regardless. It’s also the most useful feature out of the whole toolset in my opinion. Just a simple press of F10 lets me test out whatever I need to test out. I recommend that anyone who’s serious about their VX games to use this tool over the inadequate debug tool VX had to offer by default.


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