Disgaea 4 strikes again!

Not only was this script delayed because I was playing Disgaea 4 (as opposed to scripting and finishing it), a lot of the influence came from Disgaea also. Disgaea’s hospital system is probably what I think is one of the best ways of enforcing a money sink deep into late game. A lot of RPG’s suffer from the fate of having no money sinks and eventually, the player is a multi-millionaire. Using the hospital will cost money based on how much HP and SP is missing. The more that’s missing, the higher the cost. It’s even possible to adjust the formula so that it scales by level of the target character being healed, too. While Disgaea lacked level scaling, I added it in, in addition to ailments being recorded, too.

I’ll be uploading the prize expansion script for this sometime later.


One comment on “Disgaea 4 strikes again!

  1. Since I haven’t played Disgaea, it reminds me more of the old Final Fantasy II from NES, and FinalFantasyLegend I/II from GB.
    Anyway, it counts SP and altered states, so it’s “superior” haha (stating again, haven’t played Disgaea, dunno if it does it “that way”).

    Much more original than the old INN.

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