Gameplay and Rewarding Players

I think it’s always important to reward players. It gives players an incentive to keep playing and rewards make them feel appreciated for their hard work in whatever it is they’re doing. In the event of this script, Hospital Prizes, players are rewarded more for using the hospital more often to recover their wounds. In truth, this kills two birds with one stone. It gives players a feeling of accomplishment whenever they receive a prize, and it also allows for players to remain fully healed. Both situations are favourable to the player.

This script is obviously influenced by Disgaea, where the reward system came to be from using the hospital. What I changed about it was allowing a player to receive a reward multiple times. For instance, recovering 1,000 HP would net the player a Life UP. Every 1,000 HP healed would yield another Life UP. Of course, there’s a maximum cap that the users can implement so that players won’t abuse this. The second thing that’s changed is I’ve implemented a Prize List, which shows the list of prizes collected from the hospital. This can serve as a remainder for the player of what prizes he or she has earned already.


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