Neo Tactical Concept

I’ve seen a few games using a neo-tactical battle concept when it comes to RPG’s. Unfortunately, they’re rarely expanded upon deeply. Of these games, they are Atelier Annie and Cross Edge. While Cross Edge is a lot more indepth than Atelier Annie, it still falls short of using the neo-tactical concept to the fullest. I’m thinking of creating of neo-tactical engine in the near future which uses elements from many tactical RPG’s, namely Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics, which happen to be two of my favourite tactical RPG’s out there.

Also, I can’t figure out if I like the top view better or this one:


8 comments on “Neo Tactical Concept

  1. That’s like what I “dreamed” =D (and started something with the grid and stuff, mine is uglier and as battle system doesn’t even “works” by now =’D).
    I always have in my mind Live a Live, a great game from SNES. It has a similar style of battling (a grid and stuff). Maybe you already knew it, but if not it would be a good reference.

    I will stay tuned, it really catched my interest,
    Orochii Zouveleki

  2. I agree with Mitchi, the second one seems to look better.
    The battle system seems really good either way, however.
    How would the commands show, do you suppose? Above the character’s head of whose go it is?

    Anyway, incredible.

  3. I prefer second view.

    And do you plan on scripting other battle system? If so would really like to see FINAL FANTASY XIII’s Custom Synergy Battle with its roles (and XIII and XIII-2 optional addons). It’s damn quick and fun to fight using it.

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