RPG Maker VX Ace

Looks like Enterbrain is coming out with an RPG Maker VX add-on. It’s called RPG Tsukuru VX Ace. From the looks of it (of what they’ve explained so far), they’ll be shifting to RGSS3. Lets take a look at some of the screens.

They’ll be including a Character Sprite editor and Face editor. Not sure how I feel about this, but in a way, it can be a good thing. It gets tiring to see the same old Kaduki sprites in every single game. Face editor, though, I’m not sure how that’ll fare. Generic faces lack emotion and don’t add to the character any. However, it’s better than mix and matching faces that do not fit at all.

They’ll be adding commands like Protect and Provoke. Wonder how that’ll function. These are things I’ve already scripted before so I’m not too hyped about that (and they’re easy to script, too). However, what I’m stoked about is the fact there are noteboxes in the Actor’s tab. Hopefully, there will be noteboxes in the class tab, too. Too bad I can’t zoom in to find out what the properties say in the upper right corner of the screenshot.

They’re adding a TP system, which stands for Tech Points I’m assuming. The description they’ve mentioned is that TP charges up over battle and can be used to unleash super attacks. In a sense, it’s a limit break system. That’s nothing too extravagant. However, I noticed that they’ve adapted in the screenshot to move the battle status window to the center rather than cover it with words. They’ve placed a new bar at the top to signify what actions are taking place. Similar to my old battle systems, heh… What’s lovely though is that they’re adding backdrops by default from what it seems. That’s always a plus. Manually putting them in was a pain in VX.

So, what’s to become of Yanfly Engine 6? For the moment, I’ll be still working on it. It doesn’t seem like the Ace expansion will be released until December 15th of this year and it’ll be in Japanese (non-English). I’ll probably still buy it and play around with it so I can get a headstart and spoil you lot with scripts by the time the EN version does come out.


7 comments on “RPG Maker VX Ace

  1. Huh. Well my biggest grip is still the crappy mapping engine and tileset setup. But I don’t imagine they will actually make such a drastic change, so I imagine I probably won’t be using VX still. = v =

  2. Has potential. Could be useful for scripting (Not sure since I do everything with events). Idk, it’ll be good for people just entering the scene, but for me, I’ve already had all this time to find my work arounds that I’ll probably pass. Got awhile to wait anyways, so there could be some more info released later as well. Time will tell~

  3. I don’t think it will be just an addon… it’s price is 170$… and that’s is too much just for an addon… I’m thinking maybe it will be a complete rewrite of the editor (who knows hardware accelleration or per pixel collision)

  4. You are such an excellent programmer! I’m great with Java and VB, but I just can’t seem to grasp the Ruby scripting language. -__-
    I’ve always wanted to tell you thanks for all the scripts that I’m gonna be using my game…so thanks! I hope the Ace update doesn’t be a bother to your current VX scripts…but in anyway I’ll be using VX for the while until I see anything that makes Ace a big jump.

  5. Well, actually, I was hoping for a completely new RPG maker to be released. I’m buying this one anyway. So I’m glad to read that you will be working on scripts for it, Yanfly. :) As far as I know, you do not accept any requests, but if it’s not all too difficult, you could maybe add the option to turn the MP stuff as well as the TP stuff off? I don’t like things like that. I’d prefer working with cooldowns only. :) (I personally don’t like spending points on skills. For example, I barely use the psynergy/magic in Golden Sun and rely only on Djinns for the most part.)

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