Message System Update

I’ve converted over Yanfly Engine Melody’s custom message system over to Yanfly Engine 6. Not much of it’s changed, but there are a few features added. For one, the name window can now have its own custom font settings rather than using the default font. The sound volume of the text can be adjusted by default, too, rather than requiring a script call to do it.

And for those wondering why I haven’t updated Yanfly Engine 6 in a while, well, it’s for two reasons. One, I’ve been pretty busy lately. Whether or not I’m doing something productive is another thing, but my time’s getting eaten up quite a bit these past weeks. Two, with the announcement of VX Ace, I’m holding off on any major scripts for VX itself as I’ll probably be saving the effort for the future. I do plan on getting a hold of it early (maybe even the demo) and start creating new systems for that. Now, I’ve been having some talk with my friends regarding selecting Ace over VX.

It seems like Ace is getting a lot of negativity in the English community before it even came out. In fact, it reminds me of the time VX came out and everybody hated it. This is almost no different. VX was disliked at first because it was lower resolution, had tileset limitations, and the database was extremely lacking compared to XP. Look at where VX is now. Though nothing changed about its core program, a plethora of scripts changed the way we view and use VX. So before people say that Ace will just be junk wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper, give it some time so that people can explore it, create for it, and help Ace grow into what XP and VX grew into.


2 comments on “Message System Update

  1. Thanks for your continued work! I’m a bit worried about VX Ace’s price (13,440 yen seems way too much), but I’m looking forward to it anyway as seeing the community mess about with new tools always makes me feel happy :3

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