Persona 4: I’ll Face Myself Arrange

Adalwulf linked to this to me MSN and I thought it was a really nice tune. Had to share it with everyone since I’ve been in a large Persona 4 mood lately (thanks to the anime). What I like about this tune is how it mixes bits and pieces from the other P4 songs, too. Definitely a nice touch.


2 comments on “Persona 4: I’ll Face Myself Arrange

  1. Persona 4, has music, story, gameplay, customization, choices… in conjunction with huge replay value, this has got to be in the top 5 games as far as turn-based dungeon-crawling RPGs go. Score +1 for Wong’s taste in games. (and anime, which is also pretty well done, though disappointed in the change of Junes’ commercial theme wordage)

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