Custom Character Creation

Here’s a small video of a project I’m working on (namely, my game). The game contains custom character creation, which is shown in the video above. In the game, you’re able to hire/recruit new units to assist you in battle. The custom character creation bit includes class selection, image selection, name entry, stat bonus allocation, and then the character is finalized. Depending on how the character is customized, they may cost more or less.

At the moment, there won’t be any public scripts of this custom character creation system. It’s not because I want to keep the goods to myself, but rather, because this system is integrated into my game so deeply that it’s difficult to create a public version that can accommodate all the various types of RPG’s out there. If in due time I figure something out that will allow for a nice universal custom character creation system, I’ll release it for sure.


9 comments on “Custom Character Creation

  1. Releasing the entire system is one thing no one could expect, however, if you could release a method to simply use an event or something to create a new uncreated actor in the database, I’d be happy. There have been numerous times when I wanted to just be able to create a new character based on this that or the other, but… without creating like, 999 dummy actors to modify >.<

  2. That chick with the needle looks really creepy! Look at the size of that thing! Its as long as her!
    Great system though looks nice and fluid. I do hope you release a version.

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