Famitsu Blog – Skills!

The Famitsu blog has updated yet again!

Today, the blog focuses on special skills, namely, the TP system. As it currently stands, TP is gained through various means, usually normal attacks and other skills. I’m not sure if this includes getting hit as that doesn’t look like one of the options. However, TP serves as a different currency from MP. There are now two skill currencies to use: MP and TP. From a designer standpoint, MP isn’t naturally generated and will be depleted over time from a pool. TP, on the other hand, starts out empty, can be generated, and will deplete when used. Similar to the Rage system from YERD, YEZ, and YEM. And judging from the above screenshot, it looks like TP maxes at 100 for everybody. What I thought was originally one of the 2 newer stats in the database wouldn’t actually be TP if it’s a fixed amount.

Click the above to enlarge. What’s circled (boxed) in red is a category that manages skill types and more can be added. This will certainly make things easier to categorize. If I’m correct, they determine where those skills pop up under the command menu shown in the screenshot below:

Notice how the “Special” and “Magic” commands from the red box pop up here in this screenshot? I believe that list is meant as a sorting system to label where skills are dumped into. Of course, that’s all speculation at the moment.

The other thing that I found neat on the vocab/system page is there are now separate elements for magical and physical elements (upper left and upper right respectively). For the lower right list, my knowledge of Chinese and Japanese conflicts as to what it means, but I believe it’s a requirement or protection type for certain types of effects (ie magic, physical, etc). The blog does, however, mention there being skill requirements requiring a swords, etc. so this is the most likely case. Someone do correct me if I’m wrong though. According to ze1, the Google Translation of it turns to “Armour Type” so it looks like there’s that.

Armour Types considered, it would probably explain why there’s no equipment check lists under the Class Tab in the VX Database (found within the promo video). More than likely, the “traits” portion of the tab would allow the user to select what Armour Types the class can equip. The lack of “Skill” command renaming is also explained through the new Skill Types.

The other topic of interest from the vocab/system page is that the 8 stats are listed. They’re HP, MP, Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magical Attack, Magical Defense, Agility, and Luck. While I can imagine how the physical, magical, and agility stats work, I’m interested to know how the Luck stat works mechanically. Unfortunately, no more information was shed.

EDIT: Update, Esrever from RPGMakerVXAce.com did a spectacular job of translating (and editing) the entire database terms tab.

YERD Reuploaded

And so, Yanfly Engine ReDux is finally reuploaded. I’ll probably look around to see what old games I’ve made for VX and upload those, too. The ones that come to mind are Subclassia and VX Tales (though VX Tales never got finished).

Zealous and Melody Reuploaded

I’ve reuploaded Yanfly Engine Zealous and Yanfly Engine Melody and placed them on the blog. While I no longer support these two engines, I figure that someone out there will still be able to make use out of whatever they have to offer. I’ll be reuploading ReDux, too, but that’ll come at a different date. It’s occurred to me that there was never a Yanfly Engine ReDux demo, and I’ll probably keep it that way. However, I’ll still be uploading the scripts.

Famitsu Blog – VX Ace Items

Famitsu Blog updates again! Here’s an interesting mechanic that took them a while to implement. When approaching an event, you (the developer) can select a batch of items for the player to select. (Note that there’s the Green Hair Warrior Dude and Ylva from VX in the screenshot).

The example the blog uses is that the player (Bennett!!!) is stuck in a mansion and must use everyday items to escape.

Now, what I’m interested in is how the item selection system works. Do we pick out the items like the shop event, and if so, are there multiple event branches like a conditional branch or message choice branch? Either way, things are getting pretty exciting now. I can see some event systems made around synthesis using this new event command, newer puzzles, and more!

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to the US viewers!

Famitsu Blog on VX Ace Parties

The Famitsu Blog updated again with more information regarding VX Ace. This time, the blog talks about parties in VX. Here are some points of interest. As it says, the first four members will participate in battle. The remainder, the reserves, will not. And according to the blog, it hints at a near unlimited size for the party, which before, the promotional page suggested there was a maximum of 8 members. Hooray! In the menu, reserve members are faded out (where in this case, it’s Ralph and his “dead father”, haha).

Caterpillar On.

Caterpillar Off.

The caterpillar system will still only display the first four members of your party. However, there’s also an option to turn off the caterpillar system through events and commands within the database. I’m guessing this is primarily for cutscenes or for people who just don’t want to have a caterpillar system at all. Either way, I can’t say this feature isn’t unexpected.

So what does this blog entry essentially mean to us? Well, for one, it states that there’s multiple members that could be added. The first four members can participate in battle and the first four members will also be shown in the caterpillar system. Thus, with that kind of functionality, it’s easy to conclude (and from looking at the screenshot) that there’s a party management option. Now, I wonder how that will look (as I hope the layout won’t be confusing). The other good news here is that the blog hints at having a maximum party larger than 8 people to near unlimited, to which, I’m guessing means up to as many actors as you can make. Hooray again!

The other thing the blog entry confirms is that the game uses the same dimension sizes for face art. Seeing as how the face art for Ralph and his “dead father” are from VX, any face art used in VX can be brought over to VX Ace. Less work for people converting their games over to VX Ace. Another plus.

Innovation vs Upgrading

It’s come to my attention that RPG Maker VX Ace got quite some slack regarding the announced features from the promo page that came out 10 days ago. I figured I’d share my thoughts on it.

Some people mentioned how RPG Maker VX Ace isn’t worthwhile to get due to how nearly everything is merely a small “upgrade” from VX that scripts can support and provide assistance for. They claim that anything aside from those new features, RPG Maker VX Ace is the same exact thing as RPG Maker VX. Well? What do I have to say to this statement? “You’re absolutely correct.” If you strip away the new features from Ace, you’d have RPG Maker VX instead. However, from my understanding, VX Ace isn’t meant to be an innovative jump from VX. It’s meant to be an upgrade that provides more utility. Somewhat like an upgrade from Microsoft Word 2000 to 2003 to 2007, if you strip away what new features those programs added in their later iterations, Microsoft Word is still a word processor at the core. It’s not meant to be something innovative with each newer iteration. RPG Maker VX Ace is the same. It’s still an RPG Maker at the core and just because it lacks innovation that VX didn’t have, it doesn’t mean it’s not an upgrade. All it means is, the program still remains true to its initial intention, to provide users an easily accessible game maker specifically designed for RPG’s. Whether or not it’s worthwhile to get is up to the individuals in having them determine whether the new features would benefit them or not.

To summarize what I just said: RPG Maker VX Ace is an upgrade of RPG Maker VX. It’s not meant to have drastic innovation and changes.

Famitsu Blog Updated and Translated

And from the looks of it, Famitsu has a new blog entry regarding VX Ace. It’s nothing too interesting, but it does talk about the damage formula modification process. From the looks of it, the SPI stat for VX has been replaced by MAT and there’s a new MDF stat. I mentioned before in one of my previous articles that there are 8 stats now as opposed to the 6 in VX. Looks like MDF (magic resistance) is one of them. One of the later comments that there’s also a luck stat, but we’ll have to see how that turns out first.

But man, it really annoys me that they’re constantly switching between how they name their stats for magic. It’s been INT, SPI, and now it’s MAT.

RPGMakerVXAce.com translated the Famitsu blog entry pretty nicely. Here’s a link to the said translation for those who are interested.

Regarding VX to Ace Conversion

It seems that people are concerned about the move over RPG Maker VX Ace. Here’s some things to keep in mind. RPG Maker VX Ace appears to be built using RPG Maker VX’s Graphical and Audio resources in mind. For that matter, resources are an unlikely problem at all. Let’s not forget that RPG Maker VX Ace also comes with its own custom character face and sprite creator to help ease the need for resource hunting. And just like RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003, a lot of the resources are interchangeable with each other as they use the same formats (barring the obvious things that RPG Maker 2000 can’t use from RPG Maker 2003). Hunting for VX Ace resources may be simply done by just looking through RPG Maker VX websites dedicated to them. It’s not as big of a problem as people may think.

Now, about script availability. It’s said through many sources that RPG Maker VX Ace is likely to use Ruby 1.9. If this is true, then quite a number of scripts that exist for VX will not be immediately usable in VX Ace. This is due to some syntax changes and whatnot. Furthermore, from the looks of various VX Ace screenshots about RGSS3, there’s multiple new classes, which may warrant the need to completely rewrite some of the former scripts. My view on this is: that’s absolutely fine by me. When converting or transferring a script over, it would be better to not keep the intentions of what it was able to do in VX in mind, but rather, to have the mindset of developing new functionality for VX Ace. It’ll be slow at first, but without a doubt, VX Ace will be plentiful with scripts, too.

So to the worried onlookers, the move from VX to VX Ace isn’t as big of a deal as one may think. While VX and VX Ace are indeed different engines, they’re not completely incompatible with one another. Resources will be easily shared. Scripts will be remade in due time. The goal of resource makers and scripters is to provide aspiring developers a chance to feel at home when using their tools.

!-Generation: Overzeal – Preview

Here’s the intro movie for !-Generation: Overzeal, a game I’m working on. It’s an RPG Maker VX game. It’ll be using Yanfly Engine 6 for the most part and whatever I make for it. There will be quite a few private scripts made for it, but the reason why they aren’t released publicly is due to their likely incompatibility with other games. For those interested in seeing more, click below:

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Cave Story TAS!?

So yeah, here’s a Cave Story Tool Assisted run. Turn on closed-captioning to see the author commentary. For those wondering what kind of tool the player used, it’s Hourglass-Win32. Quite an interesting watch for one of the most awesome games out there.