Game Design: MegaMan Classic vs MegaMan X

Despite the versus in the title, I must say that this video contains a lot of information regarding good and proper game design. It also brings to my attention that games nowadays really do treat their audiences like they’re kids with forced “help” and whatnot. For the best impact, you’ll want players to learn about your game as they play through it. You don’t want to spoonfeed your players just so that they can play your game properly. Granted, for more complex systems, tutorials are a better option than letting players experiment it through trial and error, but this video places good emphasis on what is and isn’t needed to be spouted to your players as they trudge through the various elements of your games.


One comment on “Game Design: MegaMan Classic vs MegaMan X

  1. Some good points there. Sometimes it is the gamers fault as well. I’ve seen many people buy strategy guides so they can “know what to do” in the game. I miss the days where people could play a game and discover a way that THEY want to play it.

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