Decision regarding Yanfly Engine 6 and VX Ace

And so, I’ve made my decision about what I’m going to do with Yanfly Engine 6 regarding the upcoming RPG Maker VX Ace. As it stands currently, RPG Maker VX Ace announced features that met my expectations and went beyond (For what it’s actually worth will be decided when a trial comes out or when the final product comes out). That also makes the engine more appealing to me to work on. I’ll probably be discontinuing Yanfly Engine 6 as I focus on Yanfly Engine Ace, the 7th engine.

Though I say I’m discontinuing Yanfly Engine 6, anything that I make with Yanfly Engine Ace that I believe can transfer easily over to VX from Ace will be done so for Yanfly Engine 6. We don’t know the details of how RGSS3 look like, but I firmly believe the structure won’t be drastically different. For that matter, it ought to be simple to translate Ace scripts to YE6. Should there be extreme difficult or tediousness, I’ll probably ignore the script transfer process for that individual script. This all depends on how the final product of VX Ace turns out to be though.