Regarding VX to Ace Conversion

It seems that people are concerned about the move over RPG Maker VX Ace. Here’s some things to keep in mind. RPG Maker VX Ace appears to be built using RPG Maker VX’s Graphical and Audio resources in mind. For that matter, resources are an unlikely problem at all. Let’s not forget that RPG Maker VX Ace also comes with its own custom character face and sprite creator to help ease the need for resource hunting. And just like RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003, a lot of the resources are interchangeable with each other as they use the same formats (barring the obvious things that RPG Maker 2000 can’t use from RPG Maker 2003). Hunting for VX Ace resources may be simply done by just looking through RPG Maker VX websites dedicated to them. It’s not as big of a problem as people may think.

Now, about script availability. It’s said through many sources that RPG Maker VX Ace is likely to use Ruby 1.9. If this is true, then quite a number of scripts that exist for VX will not be immediately usable in VX Ace. This is due to some syntax changes and whatnot. Furthermore, from the looks of various VX Ace screenshots about RGSS3, there’s multiple new classes, which may warrant the need to completely rewrite some of the former scripts. My view on this is: that’s absolutely fine by me. When converting or transferring a script over, it would be better to not keep the intentions of what it was able to do in VX in mind, but rather, to have the mindset of developing new functionality for VX Ace. It’ll be slow at first, but without a doubt, VX Ace will be plentiful with scripts, too.

So to the worried onlookers, the move from VX to VX Ace isn’t as big of a deal as one may think. While VX and VX Ace are indeed different engines, they’re not completely incompatible with one another. Resources will be easily shared. Scripts will be remade in due time. The goal of resource makers and scripters is to provide aspiring developers a chance to feel at home when using their tools.

9 comments on “Regarding VX to Ace Conversion

  1. Well I’m quite impattient to try to use RGSS3. As a Coder, I can’t wait to see all the new classes and functions and more. I always liked the RGSS classes because they are so clean an simple.
    By the way, we can take an opportunity to make a standart of scripts for this new maker. Like the SDK, but if all the scripters take the option to do them from the begining, it will be easier to maintain and develop.
    But its just a crazy idea

    • If you’re talking about RMXP’s SDK, that was IMO one of the most overexaggerated works out there. Everything it did could have been simply outdone by a global $imported hash. If anything, I’m against creating a “standard of scripts” because anyone who uses them are unable to use anything that aren’t made for the SDK and anyone who wants to use something made for the SDK aren’t able to use them unless they have that “standard”. Scripters should aim for providing utility for as many potential developers out there as possible regardless of their game’s circumstances, not isolate them.

  2. Well they could use the $imported hash in VX only because the structure of the classes were far a lot better than RMXP’s classes.
    The idea of making more and easier to understand methods was a great idea to RMVX’s code. I mean “process_victory” is far more easy to get the idea than “start_phase5_step1”
    I hope they make a Better one with Ace.

    • They could have used it in RMXP. Problem with RMXP scripts isn’t the code (though I will say it was a mess) but rather, the fact that XP scripters refused to cooperate with one another for no reason.

  3. May I just add that what people can do in the mean time while scripts are ported over/remade/created that they can just try and familiarize themselves with the new functionality in VX Ace instead of worrying about having to immediately implement changes through scripts?

  4. Besides faster processing what are the other advantages to Ruby 1.9? Will it be easier to learn? Will ti require less lines of code to get the desired results? And the SDK discussion bring back nightmares of how I wanted to use certain scripts that were SDK compliant and some that were not and how I couldn’t mix the two, so frustrating.

    • The learning curve is the same IMO. There are some differences that may be a bit more annoying in 1.9, but ultimately better in the long run. Aside from that, Ruby 1.9 will offer stronger and faster processing power. While this upped processing power is unlikely to have a large effect on RM games, it’s still nice to have.

      About SDK: That’s why I’m against anything that will lead to a catastrophe like SDK ever again. Should something like that rise, just be rest assured that I’ll continue to create scripts that would be compatible with as much as possible within my lowly power.

  5. Hey Kentona, still love all the games you made on 2003 over the years. Thanks for providing those works of art to the community. .

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