Famitsu Blog Updated and Translated

And from the looks of it, Famitsu has a new blog entry regarding VX Ace. It’s nothing too interesting, but it does talk about the damage formula modification process. From the looks of it, the SPI stat for VX has been replaced by MAT and there’s a new MDF stat. I mentioned before in one of my previous articles that there are 8 stats now as opposed to the 6 in VX. Looks like MDF (magic resistance) is one of them. One of the later comments that there’s also a luck stat, but we’ll have to see how that turns out first.

But man, it really annoys me that they’re constantly switching between how they name their stats for magic. It’s been INT, SPI, and now it’s MAT.

RPGMakerVXAce.com translated the Famitsu blog entry pretty nicely. Here’s a link to the said translation for those who are interested.

2 comments on “Famitsu Blog Updated and Translated

  1. They’re probably trying to keep up with mainstream games changing the stats around like that, but it is pretty annoying. On the plus side that screenshot hopefully means one less script we have to make when working on our game, assuming it lets us use values outside of the stats and variables.

  2. I know I’m going to have a good time with those custom formulas. I’m also glad they decided to implement those new stats. I’m assuming that box with the 20 in it is the variance. Was the box to the right of that supposed to be the traits, or was that the box on the upper right?

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