Innovation vs Upgrading

It’s come to my attention that RPG Maker VX Ace got quite some slack regarding the announced features from the promo page that came out 10 days ago. I figured I’d share my thoughts on it.

Some people mentioned how RPG Maker VX Ace isn’t worthwhile to get due to how nearly everything is merely a small “upgrade” from VX that scripts can support and provide assistance for. They claim that anything aside from those new features, RPG Maker VX Ace is the same exact thing as RPG Maker VX. Well? What do I have to say to this statement? “You’re absolutely correct.” If you strip away the new features from Ace, you’d have RPG Maker VX instead. However, from my understanding, VX Ace isn’t meant to be an innovative jump from VX. It’s meant to be an upgrade that provides more utility. Somewhat like an upgrade from Microsoft Word 2000 to 2003 to 2007, if you strip away what new features those programs added in their later iterations, Microsoft Word is still a word processor at the core. It’s not meant to be something innovative with each newer iteration. RPG Maker VX Ace is the same. It’s still an RPG Maker at the core and just because it lacks innovation that VX didn’t have, it doesn’t mean it’s not an upgrade. All it means is, the program still remains true to its initial intention, to provide users an easily accessible game maker specifically designed for RPG’s. Whether or not it’s worthwhile to get is up to the individuals in having them determine whether the new features would benefit them or not.

To summarize what I just said: RPG Maker VX Ace is an upgrade of RPG Maker VX. It’s not meant to have drastic innovation and changes.

6 comments on “Innovation vs Upgrading

  1. Meh… yes you can get A LOT of this things with scripts but, tileset limitation is still a problem and swapxt takes a while to configure. RGSS3 is faster, and all the graphics will get hardware acceleration. I bet that many bugs will be fixed, and still we should wait this 27 days left to see what’s new on trial japanese version. And if nobody likes the engine then just rip the content of the trial to your old engine, lol.

  2. I’m going to be interested to see how difficult it’ll be to, say, patch Melody into RGSS3. Hopefully they provide a list of changes in the coding; did they for the shift to VX?

    • Don’t know what the differences are yet. They didn’t say a single thing about what’s changed. However, from what I’ve seen and observed, SPI is now MAT. There’s more modules. There’s more Game_* classes. Judging from that information, it’s also very likely that RGSS3 has more Window classes, more Scene classes, etc. And from what I can tell based on screenshots and the video, the default battle engine of Ace varies greatly from VX’s battle engine.

      So in regards to the transfer of Melody over to Ace, it may be easier for me to just recreate things from the ground up again. I intend to anyway. The Ace Battle Engine will include the Melody language that I’ve created for Battle Engine Melody (if that’s what you’re wondering about, too) plus more.

  3. I have to agree on those points. This is just an upgrade but what an upgrade it is! From what I’ve seen and read EVERTHING is improved from VX. Can’t know for sure until I get my meaty little fingers on it but I’m stoked for sure.

  4. well if you just look in the adding of video, I can guess they will include a “Video” module.
    by the way, they call Mat and Mdf, a common way to say magic attack and magic defense in some MMO games, I dont think, but there is a possibility to include a “network” class or module… why not? and If they dont add it, someone will anyway.
    other things to notice is that arround this notice is quite stupid the argument than “without all the new things”
    OF COURSE, without the new things the engine is exactly the same, but with the things added the engine is quite different.
    I don’t think than this maker is JUST and upgrade in my opinion, it only has the same graphical art of VX and same GUI colors, like 2k to 2k3, but they are a lot different too.

  5. It’s a VX upgrade where some things were made less simple than the previous.
    For me, VX was nice because of its simplicity. With the Ace, at least in a first impression I would say that any newbie would be “scared” by it.
    If the thing is getting VX and then “pass” to Ace… is it worth to spend ~60$ from VX and ~172$ from Ace?
    I would had preferred an XP Ace =D hahaha.

    But anyway, Ace seems fine, as when “we” got 2k3,
    Orochii Zouveleki

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