Famitsu Blog – VX Ace Items

Famitsu Blog updates again! Here’s an interesting mechanic that took them a while to implement. When approaching an event, you (the developer) can select a batch of items for the player to select. (Note that there’s the Green Hair Warrior Dude and Ylva from VX in the screenshot).

The example the blog uses is that the player (Bennett!!!) is stuck in a mansion and must use everyday items to escape.

Now, what I’m interested in is how the item selection system works. Do we pick out the items like the shop event, and if so, are there multiple event branches like a conditional branch or message choice branch? Either way, things are getting pretty exciting now. I can see some event systems made around synthesis using this new event command, newer puzzles, and more!

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to the US viewers!


7 comments on “Famitsu Blog – VX Ace Items

  1. Bennett doesn’t need items to get out of a locked room. Bennett uses SHEER WILL AND MANLINESS to punch a hole in whatever’s in the way!

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. As you said, I guess it would be much easier now for programmers to make synthesis scripts. I’d sure like to see a really neat Alchemy script.

    Developers might start making games similar to Skyrim, which has some good gameplay utilising the fusing of items in tasks like alchemy, forging weapons/armours, cooking etc.

  3. Now this alone makes me want to switch to VX Ace, although I’m sure the magic of scripting could create something just as nifty for regular VX. This is a feature I’ve wanted forever.

      • Oh thank you very much! I knew something like that must have already existed, but a lot of scripts are difficult to find nowadays, especially since Pockethouse is down. :)

        And I fully agree, they seem to only be adding features. It’d be nice if what came out of it was essentially an awesome combination of the previous RPG Makers. I’d love to see a return of direction-based passage settings, for instance, which was sadly absent in VX (but I am aware there’s a script for it—I would still like to see it native in VX Ace, just the same.)

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