Zealous and Melody Reuploaded

I’ve reuploaded Yanfly Engine Zealous and Yanfly Engine Melody and placed them on the blog. While I no longer support these two engines, I figure that someone out there will still be able to make use out of whatever they have to offer. I’ll be reuploading ReDux, too, but that’ll come at a different date. It’s occurred to me that there was never a Yanfly Engine ReDux demo, and I’ll probably keep it that way. However, I’ll still be uploading the scripts.

4 comments on “Zealous and Melody Reuploaded

  1. Thanks so much! Even though you don’t support them, thanks for making them optionally available for those who’d like to use them.
    Hopefully, Yanfly Engine 6 would be just as expansive as, if not more than, Yanfly Melody.

  2. Yanfly, I wanted to bring this to your attention long ago, but didn’t get a chance. I heard that you made a compatibility script with woratana’s Neo Gauge with YERD Display Victory Aftermath. But that script seems to have been lost with the times. Would you happen to have one for YEM compatible with Neo Gauge Final?

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