Famitsu Blog – Skills!

The Famitsu blog has updated yet again!

Today, the blog focuses on special skills, namely, the TP system. As it currently stands, TP is gained through various means, usually normal attacks and other skills. I’m not sure if this includes getting hit as that doesn’t look like one of the options. However, TP serves as a different currency from MP. There are now two skill currencies to use: MP and TP. From a designer standpoint, MP isn’t naturally generated and will be depleted over time from a pool. TP, on the other hand, starts out empty, can be generated, and will deplete when used. Similar to the Rage system from YERD, YEZ, and YEM. And judging from the above screenshot, it looks like TP maxes at 100 for everybody. What I thought was originally one of the 2 newer stats in the database wouldn’t actually be TP if it’s a fixed amount.

Click the above to enlarge. What’s circled (boxed) in red is a category that manages skill types and more can be added. This will certainly make things easier to categorize. If I’m correct, they determine where those skills pop up under the command menu shown in the screenshot below:

Notice how the “Special” and “Magic” commands from the red box pop up here in this screenshot? I believe that list is meant as a sorting system to label where skills are dumped into. Of course, that’s all speculation at the moment.

The other thing that I found neat on the vocab/system page is there are now separate elements for magical and physical elements (upper left and upper right respectively). For the lower right list, my knowledge of Chinese and Japanese conflicts as to what it means, but I believe it’s a requirement or protection type for certain types of effects (ie magic, physical, etc). The blog does, however, mention there being skill requirements requiring a swords, etc. so this is the most likely case. Someone do correct me if I’m wrong though. According to ze1, the Google Translation of it turns to “Armour Type” so it looks like there’s that.

Armour Types considered, it would probably explain why there’s no equipment check lists under the Class Tab in the VX Database (found within the promo video). More than likely, the “traits” portion of the tab would allow the user to select what Armour Types the class can equip. The lack of “Skill” command renaming is also explained through the new Skill Types.

The other topic of interest from the vocab/system page is that the 8 stats are listed. They’re HP, MP, Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magical Attack, Magical Defense, Agility, and Luck. While I can imagine how the physical, magical, and agility stats work, I’m interested to know how the Luck stat works mechanically. Unfortunately, no more information was shed.

EDIT: Update, Esrever from RPGMakerVXAce.com did a spectacular job of translating (and editing) the entire database terms tab.

5 comments on “Famitsu Blog – Skills!

  1. Google Translate says that 防具タイプ means Armor Type. That makes sense if you consider that the list above it has a bunch of weapon types.
    It’s not the most reliable source of information, but it’s something. =)

  2. I would like to know if there’s a possibility to turn that TP stuff off, for I don’t know what I could use it for, actually.

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