RPG Maker VX Ace – First Look

The Japanese trial is out for RPG Maker VX Ace. This post is going to explore pretty much what the player will see upon entering a typical VX Ace game. Click below to read more.

The title of the game is displayed at the middle top. The commands are New Game, Continue, and Shutdown. Same stuff we see in VX aside from the game title, but notice the text outlines! Woo! Easier reading is always better.

The game greets you with an auto-event. And as you can see, the caterpillar members are all below the player character (Eric).

The caterpillar system seems smooth so far. The members certain follow in a congo line fashion. Let’s take a look at the menu.

Same menu appearance from VX!

Here’s the item menu. Items are now categorized in the menu to be split between regular items, weapons, armours, and key items. Also, note that the help window is now two rows large! Woo!

The skill menu. For characters that possess different sets of skill types (like “Special” and “Magic” shown above), skills will be split amongst those categories. For skills, TP costs will be displayed in green. MP costs will be displayed in blue. The layout reminds me a lot of Yanfly Engine Zealous/Melody/6 menus.

Here’s the equip menu. Looks pretty much the same like our VX Equip menu. However, there’s a few changes. There’s now commands for “Equip” (manually), “Optimize” (equip the best), and “Clear” (remove all equipment). More stats are shown, too. They are ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, and LUK.

The status menu looks like such. There’s more to it this time around! In addition to showing the usual stuff like stats, name, experience to next level, there’s also a small area to write out the character’s biography.

There’s no party change menu, but instead, the party changing is integrated into the main menu itself (similar to Modern Algebra’s integrated party management script). Still very nice to have the ability to change party members by default now. There’s nothing new with Save menu or Game End menu from VX so I won’t cover those here.

Upon entering an area, I’m shown in the upper left corner of the screen the map name. Neat. It fades after a while.

Choice commands are now displayed in a separate window. This is nice in its own way as the window resizes itself depending on the length of each choice’s text.

Shop menu’s still the same unfortunately, but under sell items, you can now sell items from different categories (Items, Weapons, Armours, and Key Items).

Battles are the same as ever still. However, you can actually see the party’s HP, MP, etc. by default during turns now. Always a plus, but I don’t see this system staying too long. No damage popups, enemies only “flash” white when they attack, etc. Battle backs are nice though, but it seems like there’s no way to modify them per terrain at the moment. No victory results menu either.

Damage terrain is back! Every step seems to drop HP by 10 in the demo. I wonder if this aspect is modifiable?

So yeah, that’s what players will see in a default Ace project. Pretty nice so far, I’ll say. The entire thing feels so much faster than before. I’ll check out some of the other parts of the maker next time.


4 comments on “RPG Maker VX Ace – First Look

  1. Hmm, it is really neat. I like it. But for now, I’m gonna keep my current project on VX and then do a different one on VX Ace when I’m done.

    I hope this can accept modified XP charsets. I’m not fond of VX charsets because the people have puny, rectangular legs! I use an application to create the XP character, then another application to convert it to VX. So, I do hope Ace doesn’t cause problems, especially with its caterpillar script.

  2. There’s a tertiary stat, Floor Damage Rate, that affects floor damage by a percent; you can set it to actors, classes, equipment or states. You can also easily affect base floor damage with the basic_floor_damage method on Game_Actor.

    I LOVE THE NEW BATTLE METHODS. Game_Battler is absolute heaven.

  3. Don miguel where are you? we need you!!!.
    I see that enterbrain really was looking into communitys, the system is very identical to many populars scripts, i feel like they should credit the users

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