YEA.04 – Party System

A party system script is out for those who wish to use more than 4 members per party (and have a more organized system than the current default menu command). I choose the layout design from Yanfly Engine Zealous this time around. While making this script, it finally lead me to figure out how RGSS3 handles things now.

Everything starts from the SceneManager located at the top of the script list. From there, Scene_Base takes over. This part is much like RGSS1 and RGSS2, but the main difference is, windows play a much larger role in simplifying how scenes work. Almost all of the actions a player can do (moving cursors, hitting confirm, cancel, page up, page down, etc.) are handled through windows and redirecting them to the proper methods in the current scene. It’s a bit more crafty to use but so much more efficient IMO.

Oh, also, windows went on a diet apparently. Before, they used to have a padding of 16 pixels per side (for a total of 32 pixels of padding on opposite sides). Now, they have 12 pixels of padding instead. Thinner, but it gives slightly more room, heh.