YEA.12 – Call Random Battle

Another request from a friend. This one was also a good idea as it simplifies things so much more so I didn’t pass it up. Used for those who like touch encounters.

Kread-EX does it again with Chain Battles!

And on another note, RPGMakerWeb’s blog has a comparison with custom battle systems for RPG maker VX. Looks like Battle Engine Melody was one of the ones featured.

One comment on “YEA.12 – Call Random Battle

  1. Credibility in that article was lost after seeing
    “Battle Engine Melody; Ease of Use; 2/10”
    “Tankentai; Ease of Use; 4/10”

    “Battle Engine Melody; Compatibility; 4/10”
    “Ziifee’s Wait Gauge; Compatibility; 8/10”

    Battle Engine Melody’s description was also hilariously short. Way fuggin go, Jet.

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