YEA.14 – Enemy HP Bars and Crazy Chocobos

And the first add-on for Ace Battle Engine is this script. The HP gauges appear as enemies are selected for targeting or whenever they take damage. The bars animate and slide upward/downward as enemies recover HP or lose HP.

Kread-Ex produces a script for custom damage formulas for weapons~
Yami goes and makes Aura effects for states!

On another note, LOL:

Ahahaha, what did they do to you, Chocobo Theme!?


10 comments on “YEA.14 – Enemy HP Bars and Crazy Chocobos

  1. XIII-2’s soundtrack is amazing. Yeah, Crazy Chocobo sucks (it only plays when riding Red Chocobos, tho), but you should check the rest. The other 2 Chocobo themes are great.

  2. Umm…okay….

    When I read the first review of XIII, I suspected that Square-Enix was trying to kick me away from their games. After seeing XIV, XIII-2, and hearing this screwed-up Chocobo tune, they did.

    While I’m waiting for vs-XIII I’ll just play my Skyrim.

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