YEA.24 – Ace Equip Engine

And so, here’s the Ace Equip Engine for all your Christmas Eve’ needs. The script provides accessibility to modifying the number and type of equip slots actors and/or classes can have in addition to providing new equip types. The equip scene’s layout’s also been changed for more visual efficiency. While I do like the default RPG Maker VX Ace equip scene layout, I just found it more appealing to have a consistent menu layout throughout as many menus as possible. Furthermore, the script’s menu layout gives way to showing MaxHP and MaxMP, which the default didn’t. Felt kinda silly to me that they wouldn’t show the changes when those values are modifiable in the database editor.

Atoa makes a pretty cute script: Rotational Turning. Makes movement look a lot more natural.

Kread-Ex makes a return from Atelier Meruru with Sneeze! We missed you, man!

4 comments on “YEA.24 – Ace Equip Engine

  1. Dude, I’m lost in Disgaea 4 now. Just beat Flonne, need to grind for Raspberyl. And since I’m a powergamer, I’ll probably put hundreds of hours in the postgame.

    Damn you, Nippon Ichi. T_T

  2. I don’t get this WordPress thing at all. :D This script was released days ago and only now it is in the posts. Mysterious stuff going on here.

    • It’s not WordPress. YF posts the scripts in their own little section once he wants to. And then he makes a blog post to highlight individual scripts when he wants to. What makes you think that WordPress manages how YF posts things on YF’s blog??? o_O

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