RPG Maker Web Contest & YEA.27 – Lunatic Objects

For those of you who are extremely interested in RPG Maker VX Ace, obtaining a free version of the English release is possible in addition to acquiring it early and helping out with the beta testing period. The contest rules are explained here:


For those wondering, I won’t be participating since I’m actually already selected as a beta tester, but I don’t want other potential testers to miss out on this chance. Let your passion bring you victory and let’s make sure VX Ace’s English release will be successful by testing it together~

It’s not a Yanfly Engine without Lunatic Mode. When I think back, I really should have separated Lunatic Mode in stuff like Custom Skill Effects (YERD/YEZ) and Battle Engine Melody into a separate script. It makes things easier to keep tidy and the whole thing doesn’t have to be replaced whenever there’s an update to the main script. I’m going to go the separate route this time. This script’s made mostly for the more advanced RPG Maker VX Ace users. While I know I often say that my scripts are “Made by a nerd for non-nerds”, I’ll also have to say that now and then, I have to make scripts for “nerds”, too. This is one of them.

Script updates for the day:

Also, I wrote up a small article on how to Design for Delivery and Focus.

Yami recreates the Order Gauge from Battle Engine Melody!