YEA.30 – Element Absorb

Not sure why RPG Maker VX Ace took out element absorption but oh well, it’s back~ It’s been one of the easiest mechanics to implement (just multiply by -1 if an element is aborbed) but I guess it didn’t mesh well with the traits system multipliers. They could have tacked it on as a separate trait from the percentage modifiers for elements, which is what this script does. I took a different approach this time and actually dropped the current target’s element rate by 200% instead (capping at -1% damage absorption). The reasoning behind this? Well, if a target is naturally tolerant to an element but proceeds to absorb it, the absorption would have a greater effect. If the target is naturally weak to the element, the absorption ought to have a lesser effect.

Today’s Script Updates

Nessiah blesses us with two RTP emotion bust shots! Featuring Eric and Elicia!

Atoa gives us Custom Vehicles. Sounds pretty fun!

2 comments on “YEA.30 – Element Absorb

  1. Nice script. I’ve been meaning to ask you before, but would it be possible to change the party display in battle to have a dynamic border that is centered on screen? So if there’s only 2 party members it doesn’t display a large empty box with just 2 portraits in it :)
    Love your blog!

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