YEA.62 – Event Window

Influenced from Mana Khemia, the Event Window shows items acquired (through events) and any custom updates you would like to include into it. I found this window extremely helpful in Mana Khemia to reduce the amount of window spam in the main screen. It’s particularly handy when item gathering is a major focus of the game.

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On another note, this is the best eye exam ever:

YEA.61 – Rename Actor

For those with the Ace Status Menu installed and would like to give the player the ability to rename actors, this script will do just that in addition to renaming titles.

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YEA.60 – Ace Status Menu

I think the Status Menu in general tends to get ignored a whole lot since there’s usually not much the player can view there, aside from the occasional check to see how much EXP is needed to level up. This script will provide the player with more detailed information regarding individual actors.

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RPG Maker News

  • Atoa gives us some very nice action sequencing control with Animated Battle! It’s also compatible with YEA – Ace Battle Engine. Users, keep in mind that this is still the beta version so most likely, there’s more goodies to come. Very nice job here, Atoa!
  • Nessiah gives us some brilliant Naia portraits! That delicious drill hair~
  • Noob gives us more of his unblessings with RPG Maker Rage Comics. These are so painfully true.
  • The Infamous Bon Bon apparently has a blog full of resources in the making. Do check it out!
  • Yami gives us a new battle system: CTB! That’s great~ CTB was always one of my favourites.

YEA.59 – New Game+

New Game+ is an increasingly popular mechanic included in RPG’s nowadays and it’s a great way to increase replay value. This script requires Ace Save Engine.

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RPG Maker News

  • A pretty important update was made for Khas’s Pixel Movement script (bug fixed in fact). But even without the bug fix, it would still remain the best pixel movement script I’ve seen for RPG Maker period considering it’s legitly made~
  • Kread-Ex gives us a neat battle mechanic called Skill Decay. While it’s not something people think of first, there’s quite a lot of uses I can see out of it. Definitely a very interesting mechanic~ Good work, Kread!
  • Nessiah gives us more beautiful artwork. Here’s Terence and Phillip Ernest. Note that Ernest is different from Sairen. Ernest is clearly a guy. Can’t say the same about Sairen. Sairen’s true gender? You’ll have to play full Princess Princess when it comes out to find out… maybe.
  • A new appearance on the RM blog scene, Noob (as that’s his handle) gives us RPG Maker Rage Comics! While yes he uses memes, he definitely wrestles laughs out of me. I’ll be following this blog.

YEA.58 – Ace Save Engine

I honestly think that save windows ought to display more information than just current party and total playtime. Sometimes it’s not enough to figure out which save is what. This script prompts for more detailed save windows including the ability for the user to put in desired variables for show.

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Sei showed me this game yesterday. It was quite fun~

My best time was 3 minutes 48 seconds~

YEA.57 – State Animations

One of the lost features from RPG Maker XP is back through the aid of a script. I always liked state animations. They made it easy to distinguish which characters were affected by what without needing to place your cursor over it to double check (if you’re using Ace Battle Engine).

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RPG Maker News:

  • Nessiah gives us three more cutins for RPG Maker VX Ace! Brenda, Rick, and Isabelle now all have portraits!

YEA.55 – Anti-Fail Message

Being an eventer can be a battle in itself, especially with the battle system. Custom skills and items can cause a whole lot of problems, since the fail message appears for them when no damage is incurred, no status effects are applied, etc. Here’s a script for the eventers to get rid of that.

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RPG Maker News

  • Nessiah gives up updated Ralph art and brand-spankable new Alice cutins!
  • Ramiro gives us an update~ Good job on getting your battle system working with YEA and Yami’s CATB! This is almost too wonderful, being able to mix and match battle systems without problems at all. Keep up the good work!

YEA.54 – Input Combo Skills

And here is Input Combo Skills. Inspiration is drawn from Xenogears’ Deathblows. This script was easier to make than I thought, but I still enjoyed making it quite a bit. There will be problems obviously if used with Active Chain Skills on the same skill so please avoid doing that. I will not be held accountable for any bugs, game errors, explosions, or colossal black holes that may occur from using the two scripts together in one skill.

On another note, here’s an article I wrote up about menus regarding Layout Comfort vs Layout Flash.

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YEA.53 – LDP – Gemini

This script is used with Lunatic Damage to produce effects that damage both HP and MP. Much to my surprise, RPG Maker VX Ace has the functionality to damage either HP or MP but not both. Well, now it’s possible.

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RPG Maker News

  • Iris Core script! Provocation states now exist. For those curious, this is similar to taunt systems that we see in games like League of Legends and MMO’s.
  • Tomy (Kamesoft) gives us Mutable Effects and Cursor Animations! Courtesy of Mr. Bubble, the translations for both of those scripts can be found here and here.
  • Modern Algebra gives us a script to make Item Drop Ranks! Very handy for those games that are heavily random dependent.
  • The official Tankentai VX Ace has appeared. You can all now stop asking me to make a system like Tankentai. No thank you very much.

And here’s a little adventure I had yesterday with an ice cube tray.

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