YEA.35 – Move Restrict Region

Before in RPG Maker VX and XP, we had to use events to block off events from moving into those areas. Not anymore! This script lets you set up regions that NPC’s and players can’t move onto. All you have to do is insert the notetag, set the desired region, and suddenly, NPC’s or players can’t move onto them anymore.

Script Updates:

Atoa gives us three more scripts! Control Characters, Control Text, and Damage Limit! Neat stuff there~
Bubz gives us a nice script for gender functions. Very helpful for eventers!
Code Crush gives us blacksmithing! It looks really pretty, too.
Craze also (re)starts scripting and gives us Terrain-based Encounter Rates!
EvilEagles gives us more beautiful battlebacks!
Modern Algebra gives us a script to let enemies have stat variance~ Nice for more varied battles.
Ramiro gives us some nice pieces for the character generator. Wished we had these at Christmas…
White Devil makes a script that allows you to add items to shops and a skill shop, too!
Yami gives us a nice add-on for the Ace Message System, Pop Messages!

2 comments on “YEA.35 – Move Restrict Region

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