YEA.37 – Victory Aftermath

For some reason, this script has always been one of the favourites in the Western RPG Maker communities. I guess it’s because the typical RPG Maker VX Ace blurbs at the end get mundane pretty fast. Welp, it’s back so enjoy~

Craze gives us his second script for VXA: Elemental Merger!
Khas also creates a really nice ABS. While I’m not a fan of ABS’s, this one I can recognize is done well, primarily because it actually has pixel movement, something that ABS’s shouldn’t be made without. Pixel movement aside, the flexibility of this script is also pretty nice, too. Very good job!
Modern Algebra gives us Global Text Codes! This is quite nice~

Also, Indra’s entry into the RPG Maker Web contest got disqualified due to it unfortunately error-ing out on the judges. I watched the scene on Youtube and thought it was really nicely made (and moving, too!) and wanted to share it with you all~

I hope you all enjoy it!