YEA.41 – Random Skill Invoke

This script was actually made in conjunction with Weapon Attack Replace to mimic Golden Sun’s Weapon Unleash system. Either way, this is still a valid script in its own and doesn’t need to be used only in that regards. Do have fun playing around with it though~

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6 comments on “YEA.41 – Random Skill Invoke

  1. How do you do?
    It is said that it is eternal.
    I am a Japanese user.
    I am sorry for the ability not to speak English.
    It is a great script.
    Is it liked if the world is exceeded?
    It may be allowed to use it here.
    He was surprised.

  2. Speaking of Golden Sun, is there any chance you would make a script that does something similar to the djinns? So, adding points to an “elemental pool” you can use to cast stronger magic?

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