YEA.42 – Active Chain Skills

This was actually one of the few things I wanted to do with Yanfly Engine Melody back then, but it was too inefficient to do (without spending too much time). However, due to RGSS3’s overall awesomeness, it’s a lot simpler to make in RPG Maker VX Ace. I always loved the idea of chain skills. Now, it’s entirely doable~

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5 comments on “YEA.42 – Active Chain Skills

  1. I just got an idea today: What about forced chain skills? So one skill activated another the come into effect immediately after the first one, with the option not to show any log entries for it. So you could quite easily have a skill effect two different targets or target groups with different effects. :)

    • That was one of the many great things in YEM you could easily do with melodies. Here’s to hoping melodies return even if it doesn’t include SBS or any of the other visual battle system things.

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  3. Is it possible to have two skills shared a slot, but use only a learned skill? Currently whatever skill is last in the list overwrites other skills sharing the same input slot.

    Basically have skill 4 replace skill 3 on the list, but only once it’s learned.

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