YEA.47 – Lunatic Damage

Honestly, when I first saw the Formula Calculation bits in the database editor, I thought that there would be no need for Lunatic Damage anymore. However, much to my disappointment, there’s only so much you can type in its space (100 characters maximum). And so, to ease things up a bit, Lunatic Damage has been made.

Updated Scripts

General News

  • Wow, the VX Ace Master Script List hits 275+ scripts. I think that’s pretty darned impressive especially considering, like Bubz said, the English version of VX Ace isn’t even out yet. That said, Bubz is still looking for help in maintaining and keeping the list up-to-date. So anyone with wiki experience, I’m sure the community will highly appreciate it if you gave them even a small hand~
  • Yami updates the Classical ATB System to include charge attacks~ I do like how the bar fills up for it. Great work there, Yami! Always nice to see battle systems get deeper and deeper.