YEA.52 – Convert Damage

This script draws influences from multiple sources. Namely League of Legends and the Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori games. I like the idea of having passive lifesteal properties as it adds a whole new element to gameplay. Though, sometimes I wonder if RPG Maker games are really supposed to have that kind of depth for gameplay. It’d certainly be nice to dream though~

RPG Maker News!

  • Kread-Ex gives us a morphing script! It allows for being able to transform into enemies and to acquire their skills, which reminds me a lot of Shanghai’s wereforms, as Kread himself mentions.
  • Ramiro gives us an update to his custom battle system~
  • Yami gives us yet another Lunatic CATB script~

16 comments on “YEA.52 – Convert Damage

    • And sadly, almost all of the Western scripters cater to the RMers who want only shit that looks cool so it really doesn’t help. I was looking at the master script list wiki and holy shit, how many hud scripts do people have to create?

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  4. I have to admit that the comments here, made me to feel like a silly person(or other things…), making an eye candy battle system (well, it has some extra features, but that’s not the point).
    Anyway it must be compatible with a lot of engines from here and the other web pages…

    • There’s nothing wrong with making an eye candy battle system as long as it’s done right (which IMO, you are doing right). In fact, I have no problems with visual enhancement scripts when they’re done right.

  5. I’m having problems with this. every time someone counters . an error saying Script ‘convert damage’ in line 506 no method error occurred.

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