YEA.53 – LDP – Gemini

This script is used with Lunatic Damage to produce effects that damage both HP and MP. Much to my surprise, RPG Maker VX Ace has the functionality to damage either HP or MP but not both. Well, now it’s possible.

Updated Scripts

RPG Maker News

  • Iris Core script! Provocation states now exist. For those curious, this is similar to taunt systems that we see in games like League of Legends and MMO’s.
  • Tomy (Kamesoft) gives us Mutable Effects and Cursor Animations! Courtesy of Mr. Bubble, the translations for both of those scripts can be found here and here.
  • Modern Algebra gives us a script to make Item Drop Ranks! Very handy for those games that are heavily random dependent.
  • The official Tankentai VX Ace has appeared. You can all now stop asking me to make a system like Tankentai. No thank you very much.

And here’s a little adventure I had yesterday with an ice cube tray.

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