YEA.53 – LDP – Gemini

This script is used with Lunatic Damage to produce effects that damage both HP and MP. Much to my surprise, RPG Maker VX Ace has the functionality to damage either HP or MP but not both. Well, now it’s possible.

Updated Scripts

RPG Maker News

  • Iris Core script! Provocation states now exist. For those curious, this is similar to taunt systems that we see in games like League of Legends and MMO’s.
  • Tomy (Kamesoft) gives us Mutable Effects and Cursor Animations! Courtesy of Mr. Bubble, the translations for both of those scripts can be found here and here.
  • Modern Algebra gives us a script to make Item Drop Ranks! Very handy for those games that are heavily random dependent.
  • The official Tankentai VX Ace has appeared. You can all now stop asking me to make a system like Tankentai. No thank you very much.

And here’s a little adventure I had yesterday with an ice cube tray.

27 comments on “YEA.53 – LDP – Gemini

      • It’ll often be the user thinking the script will make their game for them. Therefore, they’ll be shit. Well, what a tainted way to start the Chinese New Year.

      • Ahaha I don’t care that much. But people who always ask “for this and for that” are totally suck.
        Anyway, the only thing i feel “a little good” of tankentai is visual. Many people used tankentai just because of it’s coolness and totally forgot about other things *lol*.

      • It’s not many. It’s almost all. The only Tankentai game I’ve remembered playing that was decent was a game called Visions and Voices, and that’s because the game didn’t just throw on Tankentai in its vanilla form with Mr. Bubbles special effects and all that jazz. Sadly, it was still ATB.

      • Most of newbies and noobs likes somethings cool. Nah, It made me remember the first time i touched RPG Maker. Now, honestly, the only things I know is RGSS, nothing else ^^”

    • Could someone maybe enlighten me concerning Tankentai? I know there was some battle system back in the days which was made(?) by Tankentai, but what’s the big deal about it? :)

      • Tankentai is a highly sought script in VX due to its flashy sideview capabilities. The stigma from the community against tankentai is that it is highly difficult to use, often resulting in people using nothing but vanilla tankentai, lowering the quality of their games. People couldnt make up for it either through kgc and yanfly scripts because of its high incompatibility rate. Anything made for tankentai would not work for any other battle system and anything made for any other battle system would not work for tankentai. Therefore, you choose to lower your games quality to house a sideview script or you could choose to not use a sideview script and have a game with a tasteful battle system. This was of course all before melody came out.

      • Ah, okay. I think I understand it now. Thank you very much for clearing things up for me. :) I’ll stick with YEA anyway. It’s a great base for anything you want to do. Because as far as I know it’s not all that difficult to make other scripts compatible with YEA, ever more since YEA consists of 94 scripts right now and will therefore most likely be one of the most important script compilations for VX Ace, if not the most important. So I expect people to be kind of aware how it is done and how you can make other scripts work with it.

  1. I do have a problem with people saying as if ALL Tankentai users are retarded though. You don’t like it, you don’t talk about it. Why mock Tankentai just because some piddly idiots use it?

    Just my two cents.

    • Because those piddly idiots bring Tankentai into your script posts even if you try to ignore them. Not talking about it doesn’t solve anything but talking about it openly at least opens the eyes of others.

    • Like I said, people who only ask for this and for that are totally suck. Not all Tankentai users, but most of them even didn’t do anything for their games, were still asking for cool stuff.
      But EvilEagles is one of exceptions who mostly did with his own knowledge and skill.

    • There’s nearly no reason to use Tankentai over Melody. Melody (plus the hundred side scripts) gives us numbers – and that’s all that this platform has to create interesting mechanics. The age of Fire 1, 2 and 3 are over – lest they be implemented differently and in unique ways.

      I’ve followed YF since Redux just because of numbers. And, of course, Melody provides the greatest flexibility in terms of mechanics – the core of any RPG game. There’s almost no reason not to use it – unless there’s a project you’ve been working on solely with Tankentai, or you want to make a strictly RTP game, Melody – and YF’s battle systems in general, are the way to go.

      On another note, V&V was also created by someone who likes numbers, which explains its resulting form.

      • While true, it’s mostly because some people just like Sideview battle systems and Tankentai provides it by default (which means it’s a good building block.) While YF’s system is great, it lacks that side-view or even isometric view from earlier iterations — Which isn’t a bad thing at all, but that’s why a lot of people would use it over YEA for example. Both are fine choices for what you want to do.

        I do personally find it pretty elitist for someone to call people a ‘tankentaifag’ or anything of the sorts — who’s to judge what system people want to want use for their game? Both, as said, has their place — remember, we all started the same at one point; bunch of people wanting to make an rpg (or similar) and wanted to mimic (or do better) than what we used to play while growing up — I think a lot of people who mock them forget our humble beginnings.

      • The reason why YEA lacks the sideview and angleview from the previous VX iterations is for a reason.

        Battle Engine Melody took a whole team of beta testers to make and to ensure it worked properly. At the moment, I lack such a team due to English version not even being out yet and cannot distribute the script to test properly. This is not an excuse either. I can recreate those visual systems by myself and have even begun doing so several weeks back:

        But because I care for quality, I do not have intentions to complete this without testing it and without a proper team, as visual enhancement scripts are highly delicate.

      • @jennestia
        Do not mistake your being offended at the word “tankentaifag” for me being elitist. And who’s the judge the systems? I’ll answer you: The players. Yes, you can make games for yourself but lets look at fucking reality already: games exist to be played by others. If you’re making it for yourself, why the fuck would you use tankentai (most likely vanilla tankentai) and kill of it all that you could define it yourself as?

        And do not mistake remembering humble beginnings as leeway for beginners. What we say now will impact their growth. Encouraging them to keep this kind of mentality is detrimental to them whether or not they wish to pursue a career in game making, because all it does is soften them up to face a harsh wall of reality later on.

      • My my, Battle System is not something you can make in one day.

        Anyway, this is not something we should do in new year (lunar new year) :(. Have some fun for a day guys ;)

      • Yeah, don’t haste it, Yanfly. I personally would like to see a CTB battle system to be relased rather than that (in my opinion) overrated sideview stuff. This is not meant to demotivate you working on it, but I just think there are quite a few more interesting things that can be made. :)

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  3. OH NOES!

    Official Tankentai VX Ace has appeared!
    Make the horror go away! (Well I did eventually figure out some stuff about making animations and such in tankentai but once I discovered melody I tossed it all away.)

    Tankentai was oh so scary. Poor Mr. Bubbles gonna have to run far away to escape the requests for this again.

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  5. Oh well I don’t know where to put suggestions for scripts.

    I think a good idea for an upcoming script would be to allow the creation of different kind of ressources and maybe adapt some of your prior scripts to work with it.

    The best example I have is WoW or League of Legends. Rogueish classes or champions use energy as a ressource instead of a classic mana or MP. Energy starts at maximum and is used to complete moves and replenish each second/turn.
    Then there is rage. Rage is produced by taking damages, dealing damages with regular attacks and possibly certain skills. You start the fight at the minimum on your rage scale and you build up in rage and then you can use it to unleash more powerful moves. This is typically a warrior ressource.

    It’s possible to do these quite easily with the default RMVXace but having different characters with different kind of ressource automatically make it more troublesome. So I’d see the following elements:
    -The actual ressources in a notetag for either an actor or a class. (a note to have it use energy, or rage)
    -Tags to allow items or states to increase/decrease the generation of those ressources.
    -Possibility to decide of a few variables like the actual maximum energy/rage, etc.
    -Tags to define how much of the said ressource a skill uses.
    -Option to define if those ressources resets between the battles.
    -Maybe the possibility of having the classic MP/mana regenerate at a certain rate wheter in a fixed amount or %.

    Those are my base ideas. I think it’d be cool to have different characters fighting differently. I would definatly use a script like that.

    Is it realist for me to wish that Yanfly could do a script like this ?

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