YEA.54 – Input Combo Skills

And here is Input Combo Skills. Inspiration is drawn from Xenogears’ Deathblows. This script was easier to make than I thought, but I still enjoyed making it quite a bit. There will be problems obviously if used with Active Chain Skills on the same skill so please avoid doing that. I will not be held accountable for any bugs, game errors, explosions, or colossal black holes that may occur from using the two scripts together in one skill.

On another note, here’s an article I wrote up about menus regarding Layout Comfort vs Layout Flash.

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4 comments on “YEA.54 – Input Combo Skills

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  2. This seems like a pretty interesting concept, though it also seems like something you’d want to base around a minigame type fight rather than a standard fighting style for either the whole game or even just a certain character or class.

    Looking forward to trying it out.

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