YEA.58 – Ace Save Engine

I honestly think that save windows ought to display more information than just current party and total playtime. Sometimes it’s not enough to figure out which save is what. This script prompts for more detailed save windows including the ability for the user to put in desired variables for show.

Scripts Updated Today:

Sei showed me this game yesterday. It was quite fun~

My best time was 3 minutes 48 seconds~


6 comments on “YEA.58 – Ace Save Engine

  1. Adjustments like this are just so intelligent. This design has purpose, it’s funcitonal, and it looks great. I appreciate the thought that goes into such improvements because it’s not “just the save screen”, it’s one of the most used elements in every game but it seems to have been treated as an afterthought in it’s original design. We’re lucky to have such a generous ambassador of design openly sharing and iterating and evolving this little community (in which I am a relative nobody, but with resources like this it’s very inspiring to want to get involved). I think it’s safe to say at the very least a lot of “us” appreciate the genuine talent Yanfly has and his willingness to help the rest of us learn by pulling back the curtain on this engine script after script, well that’s just downright kind. Seriously, why isn’t Yanfly developing his own maker software, that thing would sell like crazy. OK I am officially a Yanfly Fanboy and have lost all objective opinion on the matter. From now on I guess I will just say “thanks”.

      • lol do you always speak on behalf of Yanfly =)
        Perhaps I should have said: because Yanfly scripts so elegant and user-friendly, if he were to create his own maker program in the same fashion, we would all be very lucky.

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