YEA.59 – New Game+

New Game+ is an increasingly popular mechanic included in RPG’s nowadays and it’s a great way to increase replay value. This script requires Ace Save Engine.

Today’s Updated Scripts

RPG Maker News

  • A pretty important update was made for Khas’s Pixel Movement script (bug fixed in fact). But even without the bug fix, it would still remain the best pixel movement script I’ve seen for RPG Maker period considering it’s legitly made~
  • Kread-Ex gives us a neat battle mechanic called Skill Decay. While it’s not something people think of first, there’s quite a lot of uses I can see out of it. Definitely a very interesting mechanic~ Good work, Kread!
  • Nessiah gives us more beautiful artwork. Here’s Terence and Phillip Ernest. Note that Ernest is different from Sairen. Ernest is clearly a guy. Can’t say the same about Sairen. Sairen’s true gender? You’ll have to play full Princess Princess when it comes out to find out… maybe.
  • A new appearance on the RM blog scene, Noob (as that’s his handle) gives us RPG Maker Rage Comics! While yes he uses memes, he definitely wrestles laughs out of me. I’ll be following this blog.

3 comments on “YEA.59 – New Game+

  1. Lol on the Terence and Phillip rib. I laughed pretty hard at the Sairen angle, Ernest really does look pretty androgenous though. I’ll probably give the game a shot when it comes out.

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