YEA.60 – Ace Status Menu

I think the Status Menu in general tends to get ignored a whole lot since there’s usually not much the player can view there, aside from the occasional check to see how much EXP is needed to level up. This script will provide the player with more detailed information regarding individual actors.

Updated Scripts Today

RPG Maker News

  • Atoa gives us some very nice action sequencing control with Animated Battle! It’s also compatible with YEA – Ace Battle Engine. Users, keep in mind that this is still the beta version so most likely, there’s more goodies to come. Very nice job here, Atoa!
  • Nessiah gives us some brilliant Naia portraits! That delicious drill hair~
  • Noob gives us more of his unblessings with RPG Maker Rage Comics. These are so painfully true.
  • The Infamous Bon Bon apparently has a blog full of resources in the making. Do check it out!
  • Yami gives us a new battle system: CTB! That’s great~ CTB was always one of my favourites.

5 comments on “YEA.60 – Ace Status Menu

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  3. questions: is the biography aspect able to be changed in game with scripts and whatnot? It’s a pain having the same info displayed constantly when it could be used for various things, such as hints on where to go, character insight, etc.

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