YEA.62 – Event Window

Influenced from Mana Khemia, the Event Window shows items acquired (through events) and any custom updates you would like to include into it. I found this window extremely helpful in Mana Khemia to reduce the amount of window spam in the main screen. It’s particularly handy when item gathering is a major focus of the game.

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On another note, this is the best eye exam ever:

5 comments on “YEA.62 – Event Window

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  3. Hi. I’m fairly new to Ace and don’t know much about scripting. If I wanted to use this script, and also have it play a sound effect every time the window is updated, would that be possible?

    • Hello (: I’m sorry your post is couple months ago and I hope this still helps. Between lines 252 and 253 which should be as below:
      text = YEA::EVENT_WINDOW::HEADER_TEXT + text

      Place this line of code “Sound.play_buzzer”, without the quotes. The buzzer is the sound effect so I’d advice changing that to what you want the sound to be. Sound.play_buzzer. Basically the code should look like this now:

      text = YEA::EVENT_WINDOW::HEADER_TEXT + text

    • Actually, sorry. as an edit to my last post, instead of that sound.play_buzzer, this is a better line:“Cancel1”, 50, 100).play
      put instead of Cancel1 the name of the SE, the volume is where the 50 is. Normal is either 80 or 100. the last number, where the 100 currently stands is the pitch. Goes from 0 to 150? Most sound effects are fine at 100. Good luck :D

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