YEA.91 – Common Event Shop

The common event shop makes a return from Yanfly Engine ReDux! This was one of the scripts that I’ve never bothered upgrading through each of the VX Yanfly Engine iterations because the ReDux version worked for them all. This time, the VX Ace version has some upgraded features. For those who have Ace Shop Options installed, you’ll also get the same layout as the normal shop. This script works without that script, but it’s just an added bonus~

YEA.83 – JP Manager

I’m keeping the JP script this time separate from the other scripts. It’ll be an optional installation for those who would like a different currency for various scripts. Other than that, I do like the idea of having a currency other than EXP. EXP is a system where you defeat monsters to gain more currency. JP is a system where you perform more actions to gain more currency. This provides a different incentive to gain either (although JP can still be earned by defeating monsters). Makes it so that weaker party members still have to do something other than just leech to earn skills.