YEA.64 – LOP Give & Take

A lot of the effects in this script came from a discussion Karsuman and I had regarding some nifty ideas he’s had for tank type characters. I felt they were really interesting so I couldn’t contain myself and whipped these effects up, heh.

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8 comments on “YEA.64 – LOP Give & Take

  1. I wish we could all just “whip” up neat things like this when inspired. So many good things could be had. Great work though! This is a “must have” for anyone wanting to add depth and strategy to combat imo

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  5. Oh well I don’t know where to put suggestions for scripts.

    I think a good idea for an upcoming script would be to allow the creation of different kind of ressources and maybe adapt some of your prior scripts to work with it.

    The best example I have is WoW or League of Legends. Rogueish classes or champions use energy as a ressource instead of a classic mana or MP. Energy starts at maximum and is used to complete moves and replenish each second/turn.
    Then there is rage. Rage is produced by taking damages, dealing damages with regular attacks and possibly certain skills. You start the fight at the minimum on your rage scale and you build up in rage and then you can use it to unleash more powerful moves. This is typically a warrior ressource.

    It’s possible to do these quite easily with the default RMVXace but having different characters with different kind of ressource automatically make it more troublesome. So I’d see the following elements:
    -The actual ressources in a notetag for either an actor or a class. (a note to have it use energy, or rage)
    -Tags to allow items or states to increase/decrease the generation of those ressources.
    -Possibility to decide of a few variables like the actual maximum energy/rage, etc.
    -Tags to define how much of the said ressource a skill uses.
    -Option to define if those ressources resets between the battles.
    -Maybe the possibility of having the classic MP/mana regenerate at a certain rate wheter in a fixed amount or %.

    Those are my base ideas. I think it’d be cool to have different characters fighting differently. I would definatly use a script like that.

    Is it realist for me to wish that Yanfly could do a script like this ?

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