YEA.68 – Enemy Levels

Enemy Levels has been ported over from Yanfly Engine Zealous and Yanfly Engine Melody. Not much has changed about it. However, I’ll be keeping some of the modifications for it (such as doppelgangers and such) for future add-ons. I’ve always enjoyed having enemies level up with you. It keeps battles worthwhile for longer, which is often a difficult thing to do.

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4 comments on “YEA.68 – Enemy Levels

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  2. OK. So I’ma break down and ask. Why do I keep getting syntax errors with this script? I can tell I’m not doing something right maybe you can tell me why. Just keeps telling me a different line and that it has syntax errored.

  3. Hey Yanfly, do you think you could make it so that levels can be increased
    of an enemy or enemies through an in-battle Script Call?
    I think that would be great for special battles.

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