YEA.70 – Ace Message System and Miku Cosplay!

And here’s the Ace Message System! It’s not a complete port from YEM, but that’s because I intend to keep the choice selection changes as a future add-on. Either way, the text codes added in this message system will also work for many other areas, such as an actor’s biography/description and the help description for items, skills, weapons, and armours. Name windows are back and so is having a separate font between in-game and messages.

RPG Maker News

  • Fomar creates a script for custom equipment slots, which also doubles in adding more types of equipment, too!
  • A new RM blogger joins the scene! Molegato delivers to use a new battle system, too, while at it!

And this is the best Hatsune Miku Cosplay ever.


11 comments on “YEA.70 – Ace Message System and Miku Cosplay!

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