YEA.75 – Ace Skill Menu

Sure, Eric. I’ll take a look at the skill menu. This script doesn’t offer much in a mechanical sense, but it does help keep things organized. Now, you can keep together your scripts that alter skills all in one area (such as Kread-EX’s Grathnodes and Yami’s Slots). Rearrange them any way you like.

RPG Maker News

  • Khas releases his ABS in English! Booyah! This is easily one of the best ABS in any RPG Maker, let alone Ace, in my own personal opinion. Reasoning? ABS’s need pixel movement. This script comes with it. Not only that, it’s also much more flexible to bend to your own wishes, allow for great customization ability, leading to incredible potential. While ABS’s do not require particle engines, it is certainly a plus to have and this one comes with it, too. Very good job here!
  • Kread gives us item charges! This was the old fashioned way that RPG Maker 2000 used to handle them. It’s certainly nostalgic to see.
  • Ramiro makes a battle HUD akin and inspired by Mother 3’s battle HUD. That reminds me, I should get around to playing that game.