Happy Valentine’s Day and YEA.76 – Ace Item Menu

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! I hope you’re all going to enjoy eating chocolates~ I know I enjoy chocolates. Now, the question is, whether or not I can get some (more). Here’s a script that modifies the RPG Maker VX Ace item menu. While I originally think that it’s nice and simple, it’s a little too simple. Nowadays, it’s not surprising to see item menus that show more detailed information regarding the highlighted items and that’s just what this script does. In addition to that, it also breaks down the categories further. Enjoy~

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7 comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day and YEA.76 – Ace Item Menu

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  2. I added a normal item that deals combat damage a while ago and it comes up and says No method error in nil:NILClass undefined method for ‘each’. That item was the only thing I changed since the last time it worked right. I’m not a Scripter so I have no Idea how to fix this and I’ve grown quite fond of the item and the script. Please help, somebody?

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