YEA.77 – Shop Options

Ace Shop Options is modeled to look similar to Ace Item Menu. I feel as though the shop is more efficient visually this way. The player receives all sorts of data and can view stats while comparing boosts at the same time. It also shares the same <image: string> tag with Ace Item Menu so whatever images used in either script will be used for the other.


7 comments on “YEA.77 – Shop Options

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  3. Hey Yanfly Nice Work with those scripts but i have a Problem
    I downloaded the Full version of the RPG maker VX Ace (well i can acces the Script editor) with the English translation patch and i cant load the scripts the way you told in the tut (placing in C:/AceScripts and loading with a event)
    i get the Bug :
    ” Script ‘C:/AceScripts/Ace_Message_System.rb’ line 760: NoMethodError occured.

    Undefined method ‘update’ for nil:NilClass”

    when i try it without the message system it works then i press F12 for the resoluion fix and stuff and a other Error appears:
    “SystemStackError occured
    Stack level too deep”

    but when only use the core engine everything works fine
    i also wanted to ask if i can use melody system for VX ace or do you need to rework it? would be nice because the battle systems are amazing

    • Ah ok found out on my own how to fix this
      i open the Scripts with wordpad and copy them to the script
      now they work propely

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