YEA.88 – Extra Param Formulas

Extra Param Formulas is a smaller version of Yanfly Engine 6’s Battle Stats. This script allows you to allocate bonuses for the extra parameters to use certain formulas to acquire extra bonuses from other stats or other formulaic means.


One comment on “YEA.88 – Extra Param Formulas

  1. Hey Yeanflay, could you make a script where the EX param (crit rate, evasion etc) level up/gain stats just like the normal params when you level up with experience? I would like to add this feature to my game, unfortunately I have no skill in programming in Ruby, and I’m afraid if I attempted it myself I would ruin my game somehow lol
    I would seriously put you in the credits of my game for the script ._.
    So…..pretttty pleaaaseee? *puppydogeyesofamazingcuteness*

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