YEA.97 – Encounter Rate Manager

It’s finally imported from Yanfly Engine ReDux. I actually removed a few unneeded features (mostly, the reduction rate variable for lures) since it was repetitive and didn’t warrant much change. Of the things I’ve always noted in games, encounter rates are almost never balanced through either lack of caring or through fault of RPG Maker itself. RPG Maker VX Ace actually did not do much in the grand scheme of things to balance encounter rates, but it certainly gave the options to halve the encounter rates or to get rid of them completely. This time, the variables that were used in YERD come back to fulfill the remaining control over encounters. Do enjoy~


11 comments on “YEA.97 – Encounter Rate Manager

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  2. I’ve only just realised that if you post the rest of the scripts per day like you’ve been doing, your final (106) script post will be on the 15th… you sneaky blighter, you. That’s clever.

  3. Well you better do something awesome on the 15th for it being the current last script AND Ace’s release (for those who didn’t preorder, that is. Kekekeke~). Y’know, make a big show of it.

  4. Maybe a bug?
    When I place the max level tag in the actor database and test the game, it gives me this line 294 ArgumentError, comparison of fixnum with nil failed.
    However, I place the initial level tag together and this error is gone.

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