YEA.104 – Spawn Event and Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day everyone! The spawn event script was actually made due to a request by a friend. This event spawner can take event data from different maps and produce a copy of it within the current map. The events will spawn at the specified locations or a random location marked by certain regions.

At that note, time to go to bake myself a yummy pie.


15 comments on “YEA.104 – Spawn Event and Happy Pi Day!

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  2. Well tomorrow we can say happy pi day, today I’ll just have pie. =P Maybe Yan’s someplace it’s past the date line? Either way I liked this script the first time I saw it.

  3. Well, except Pi day is tommorrow???
    Anyways, it’s dawned on me – this week you’ll have reached your 106 mark and run out of scripts to feature here. Is that when you’ll add more scripts?

    • Oh, more than that, Aeon. He’ll hit the 106 mark on Ace release. We’ve been told this is coincidental, but there are sceptics amongst us. Given how Yan is doing early celebrations of Pi Day, it wouldn’t be that far out to think Yan’s planned that far ahead, either.

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